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Increase Your Credit Score – How to Do It? The Best Tips & Tricks
December 14, 2022

Is your credit score below average? Don’t worry, there are useful ways to increase your credit score. Do it seamlessly with our little tips and tricks. Raising the score on your credit reports might help you in many ways. Discover the best you can do to fix it yourself.

3 Best Ways to Increase Your Credit Score

Applying for a new credit card, a car loan, or a mortgage? It might be the best time to check your credit score. The FICO system in the US spans scores from 300 (considered very poor credit rating) up to 850 (very good credit rating). The average score is therefore around 660 – anything below that rating might be considered as bad credit.

Time to work your way up the ladder and increase your credit score. The most reliable way is to hire a credit fix company, however, there are some things you can handle on your own.

Keep reading to find out the best tips and tricks that will help you rebuild your credit fast.

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1. Pay All Circling Credit Balances

If you have any revolving credit balances, remember to always pay installments on time. However, this may not be enough when trying to increase your credit score. You ought to pay more than the required minimum each month if you have the money to do so. Why? Because it helps to keep your credit usage rate low. Hence, making progress on your outstanding debt can have a significant effect on your credit score.

2. Dispute Credit Report Errors

Did you know that your credit reports might consist of some major inaccuracies? These mistakes and errors cause your credit score to be lower than expected. The most common inaccuracies include the following issues:

  • Signs of a late payment despite your timely payment.
  • Account openings that you did not make.
  • Loan amounts that look excessive.
  • Anything else that you do not recognize.

As soon as you spot any credit report errors, it is best to straighten them out. There are free DIY tools to increase your credit score by finding those inaccuracies. However, we recommend contacting a professional for spot-on assistance.

3. Limit New Account Applications

Even while you might need to open accounts to establish your credit history, you should normally try to cut back on the number of times you apply. Every application may result in a hard inquiry, which may slightly lower your scores.

Although the number of inquiries you receive and the average age of your accounts are not major score elements, you should still be careful how many applications you submit. One exception is when you compare rates for certain loan types, like a mortgage or vehicle loan. Rate shopping is not a harmful habit, and credit scoring models may disregard certain enquiries if they happen within a few weeks.

Increase Your Credit Score Now!

Although we have listed just 3 of the major ways to increase credit scores, there are many more useful tips and tricks. We strongly encourage you to browse our blog where you can find more articles on that matter. Also, get in touch with us and we will prepare a custom offer for you to help you sort out your credit score in a quick and seamless matter.

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